Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Ringing recoveries...


A batch of recently received ringing recoveries associated with local bird ringing activities are as follows:-

1. A first year Blue Tit was ringed at Scotland Wood on the Kelmarsh Estate on 23rd March this year and quite remarkably was then caught and processed by a ringer at a place called Rosedan, Bagillt in Flintshire on 9th June. So much for Blue Tits not wandering far! This bird flew 179km in a WNW direction and presumably from the recovery date was probably trying to breed in Wales. It would be interesting to know where this bird hatched last year, was it a local bird on an extended wander or a bird from Wales wintering in the English Midlands?

2. A Chiffchaff hatched last year was ringed at Stanford Reservoir on 22nd September 2018 and was caught on 19th June this year when assessed as an adult male (probably breeding) at Brixworth Treatment Works. Although it is only 17 km between the two sites, it is most likely that this bird has travelled hundreds of km in the meantime;

3. A first year male Goldfinch was caught and ringed at Bradden, South Northants on 23rd December 2018 and was found dead having hit a window pane at Newcastleton, Cumbria on or about 4th June this year. This small finch had travelled 354km in a NNW direction and was presumably trying to breed in Cumbria. This follows similar patterns of Goldfinches and Siskins ringed in the English Midlands during the winter period and then being located in North England or Scotland during the breeding season;

4. A foot with the metal ring attached was all that was found of a ringed Stock Dove at Pitsford Reservoir today! This bird was originally caught and ringed as an adult bird at Pitsford Reservoir on 18th May 2013 and caught there again on 6th September 2015 before being predated very recently at the same site;

5. A juvenile Reed Warbler was ringed at Marston Sewer Works, Lincolnshire on 8th August 2013 and was caught by ringers at Stortons Pits on 16th June this year when assessed as being an adult female (and presumably breeding on-site). The distance between the two sites is just 84km but of course this bird has made twelve journeys to or from Africa in that time - staggering!

6. A juvenile Reed Warbler was ringed at Marsworth Reservoir, Tring, Hertfordshire on 9th July 2017 and was caught at Linford Lakes, Milton Keynes on 9th June 2019 when assessed as being an adult male. Seven hundred days elapsed between the two records and in that time this bird has travelled to or from Africa on four occasions, albeit that Linford and Marsworth are only 31km away from each other...


Neil M

Blue Tit.

Chiffchaff courtesy
of Kenny Cramer.


Stock Dove.

Reed Warbler.

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