Thursday, 7 June 2018

Pitsford update


Yesterday (Wednesday) and a check of the tern rafts at Pitsford Reservoir by Dave Francis revealed that so far it's looking a good year for the Common Terns with 49 nests, 125 eggs and 8 recently hatched young all being visible. A Greylag Goose is still sitting on one of the rafts with three eggs (are they ever going to hatch?) but the Oystercatcher breeding attempt (as usual) looks a little futile. Two young and an adult appear to be missing and the surviving youngster was helped to shore with a single attendant adult meeting up with it.

John Showers watched a pair of Willow Tits in the Scaldwell Bay just beyond the Bird Club hide, and just where two of the recent spring CBC sessions plotted a pair. The good news is that they were carrying food, a sure sign that they are feeding young. It seems that these are the only Willow Tits on-site at Pitsford this year.

In the garden here at Hanging Houghton, Great Spotted Woodpeckers and at least one Nuthatch are making constant forays to the suspended feeders, the woodpeckers have a nest full of young not too far away in the grounds of Lamport Hall.


Neil M

Common Tern chick
and egg courtesy of
Lynne Barnett.

Adult Common Tern

Willow Tit

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