Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Pitsford today...


I visited the dam area at Pitsford Reservoir at about midday today when it was raining quite hard and the weather provided a flock of nearly a hundred terns skimming the water surface, with at least eighty of them being the particularly graceful Arctic Terns and the remainder Commons. As the rain subsided and the sun came out the Arctic Terns thinned down to about fifty birds and by the time I left had reduced again to about thirty-five.

Jacob came along a little later and saw the Black-necked Grebe by the Holly Tree and then found a Sanderling on the dam (plus just two Arctic Terns). A Barnacle Goose was with a Canada Goose in a field below the dam.

A ringing session is due to take place at Harrington Airfield tomorrow (Thursday) and access will be restricted with no entry to the bunker and old airstrip area. Access to footpaths and the main concrete track will be unaffected.


Neil M

Arctic Tern.


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