Thursday, 26 April 2018

Turtle Dove and Nightingale.


Back this evening from eight days in Provence and the Camargue in South France with warm sunshine every day. Looking at the forthcoming forecast locally it's a shame I couldn't bring some back with me! Interestingly it has been a late spring there too and the botanists in our group struggled to find some of the plants and flowers because of the lateness of the season.

Eleanor's visit to fill up the bird feeders at Kelmarsh Hall yesterday provided a surprise in the shape of Turtle Dove feeding under the feeders, a first for the site. This is probably just a re-fuelling migrant bird but it would be good if it stayed around...

Eric Graham couldn't resist another tour of Thrapston Pits and the Titchmarsh Reserve today and he found a pair of Garganey and a Nightingale was still in full song!


Neil M

A skulking Nightingale
in the Camargue yesterday...

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