Friday, 27 April 2018

Ringing recoveries


Some more ringing recoveries of birds associated with the county:-

1. A young male Greenfinch was caught and ringed at Balscote Quarry, Oxfordshire on 17th November 2017 and was re-caught again, this time in Greens Norton on 12th April 2018. This is a distance of 30km in an East North East direction and it would be fair to assume that this bird wintered in central England;

2. A Tree Sparrow was caught and ringed at Pitsford Reservoir on 2nd November 2017 and then re-captured at Nettleton Beck, Lincolnshire 141 days later on 23rd March 2018. This nomad travelled 133km in a North North East direction. This bird is one of several that have moved between the east and north east coasts and Northamptonshire outside of the breeding season - quite unlike the sedentary behaviour more associated with House Sparrows;

3. A Black-headed Gull chick was ringed at Pitsford Reservoir on 26th July 2011 (on one of the tern rafts) and this bird was sighted and had it's metal ring read in the field at Rutland Water on 27th March 2018. Only 39km between the two sites but a long period of 2436 days confirming this bird will be 7 years old this year;

4. And conversely ring number EY95816 was placed on a Black-headed Gull chick at Rutland Water on 20th June 2014 and this bird was sighted with the ring being read in the field by Jacob at Pitsford Reservoir on 8th March 2018, some 1357 days later!


Neil M

Male Greenfinch.

Tree Sparrow courtesy of
Cathy Ryden.

First year Black-headed Gull.

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