Thursday, 5 April 2018

Pitsford CBC


This morning I completed the first Common Bird Census of the year on the reserve section of Pitsford Reservoir. I started at 6.30am when it was rather cold (just above freezing) but finished at 1pm in lovely warm sunshine!

The extremely high water levels didn't put off the incoming summer migrants which included 14 singing Chiffchaffs, four singing Willow Warblers and 6 singing Blackcaps. I was interested to establish if the resident small bird population had been adversely affected by the hostile weather in March. Goldcrests and Treecreepers (fourteen individuals of each) were present in lower than normal numbers, 46 singing Wrens holding territory suggested they didn't do too bad but 33 singing Robins seemed a low count.

Seven Marsh Tits and two Willow Tits no doubt made use of the feed stations on-site during the winter and other birds noted included about five Siskins, a Redpoll, a Shelduck and the pair of Oystercatchers. A Swallow flew straight through.

The very high water levels was probably the main reason why I was able to count at least 18 Muntjac on my walk around the reserve - there just wasn't any available waterside vegetation for them to hide in! A welcome increase in insects included Comma butterflies and from lunch-time onwards, Brimstone butterflies too...


Neil M


Common Buzzard.


Bee Fly.

Greylag Goose.

Comma butterfly.


All images from Pitsford
Reservoir today...

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