Friday, 2 March 2018

Watch out for those Drifts!


And the cold, snowy weather continues!

Birds in the Brampton Valley below Hanging Houghton included a few cold-looking Lapwings and a Jack Snipe. A pair of Ravens were between Scaldwell and Hanging Houghton. 

A pair of Grey Partridge were on the feed stuff with plenty of other birds at Harrington Airfield this morning and a very young leveret was isolated and killed by a pair of Carrion Crows, despite four adult Brown Hares making half-hearted efforts at driving them off. I didn't know that hares produced young so early and I have never witnessed that behaviour before...

Fieldfares were in gardens all over Northants again today with numbers visiting further gardens in Corby, at Astcote and Rushden and we were inundated with them again today at Hanging Houghton. A very scarce visitor to our garden today was a Jay and this harsh weather was proving difficult for many birds with forlorn-looking Lapwings and Moorhens being seen at roadsides.

Jacob and Bethan visited Pitsford Reservoir today and saw a Golden Plover, two Woodcock, a Snipe and a Peregrine and noted an Icelandic race Redwing in Scaldwell village.


Neil M

Wintry scene at
Harrington Airfield.

Blue Tit.


The stunning Fieldfares -
our pantry is nearly empty!

Jaeger atop a snow drift
enveloping a stricken vehicle
that is not going anywhere...
unfortunately it's my vehicle!

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