Tuesday, 23 January 2018

 Yesterday I saw the Slavonian Grebe just beyond yacht bay at Pitsford and infact it was in the same place today. It does seem to be loyal to that area.
A Barn Owl has again been hunting the field margins below Hanging Houghton. I seem to bump into him/her each morning and evening. This morning he/she was so intent on hunting and successfully catching its prey that I was within touching distance of it. Quite a special moment and even my 4 legged helpers were captivated too.
I visited Harrington this afternoon and initially it seemed very quiet. It wasn't until I had reached the 3rd bunker and with a little help from my 4 legged companions  that I saw any birds of note and within the space of five minutes I saw a Short Eared Owl, 2 Woodcock and 6 Grey Partridge.
I made a brief visit to Cottesbrooke where at least 4 Hawfinches were perched up and looking quite splendid in the winter sunshine.

Regards Eleanor

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