Thursday, 10 August 2017

Birds of Pitsford


A beautiful day out there today with plenty of sunshine but a cool start for the time of year.

Eleanor's foray in to the Brampton Valley below Hanging Houghton this morning produced sightings of a Redstart and two Whinchats and a brief visit to Harrington Airfield provided just a sighting of two young Grey Partridges.

Pitsford Reservoir north of the causeway looked very serene this evening and no real change in the birds with two Great White Egrets, a drake Garganey (one of probably three present currently), two Green Sandpipers, a Common Sandpiper and two Yellow-legged Gulls all on show.


Neil M

Plenty of Tree Sparrows are
utilising the seed feeders at
the Old Scaldwell Road Feeding
Station at Pitsford Reservoir
to the point where they are emptying
some of the feeders in a day!
Image courtesy of Robin Gossage.

Common Tern. The last few chicks
are still on the rafts at Pitsford Reservoir
and the margins and open waters still
retain many adults and flying juveniles.
Image courtesy of Robin Gossage.

Adult Great Tit. Plenty of juveniles are
out and about currently but their
comparative large size ensures
they are selected by Sparrowhawks
in mixed tit flocks as they are often
twice the weight of their Blue Tit
companions and this extra biomass
makes the effort of catching them all
 the more worthwhile.
Image courtesy of Cathy Ryden.

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