Thursday, 29 June 2017

The challenging life of a bird...


This evening some scanning over the reserve section at Pitsford Reservoir provided views of a smart leucistic Lapwing, a Green Sandpiper, the lingering pair of Oystercatchers, two juvenile Little Ringed Plovers and a moulting drake Goldeneye. An injured and distressed Cormorant (probably ensnared in fishing line) was just able to take to the water to avoid two foraging Red Fox cubs and three Sparrowhawks were busy - one terrorising the Tree Sparrows and Starlings at the feeding station bushes, another taking a bird near the causeway (probably a Starling) and another catching and then dropping a Green Woodpecker which flew away! Stand still long enough and sometimes the action comes to you!


Neil M

Adult Tree Sparrow. Both adult
and juvenile Tree Sparrows inhabit
the bushes around the Old Scaldwell
Road Feeding Station at Pitsford
Reservoir, taking advantage of the
mixed seed on offer. However their constant
 'chirruping' calls act as a beacon for foraging
Sparrowhawks which are desperately trying
to find enough food for their demanding offspring...

Image courtesy of Robin Gossage.

The Oystercatchers remain at
Pitsford despite yet another failed
effort at sustaining their young to
the flying stage. Three of the chicks died
one by one and the fourth chick successfully
paddled to shore from the tern raft
but disappeared overnight. The open shoreline
 and adjacent vegetation is constantly patrolled
by predators so their chances of success are minimal.

Image courtesy of Robin Gossage.

Lapwing at Summer Leys NR.
Good numbers are building at
Pitsford Reservoir, the extensive muddy
shoreline is very much to their liking.

Image courtesy of John Tilly.

Swallow. Many first brood
youngsters are on the wing now...

Image courtesy of Cathy Ryden.

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