Thursday, 15 June 2017

Middle of June already!


A pair of scruffy Ravens was about all Eleanor could find at Blueberry Farm today and an evening stroll at Harrington Airfield was good enough to see a pair or two of Grey Partridge and hearing a 'purring' Turtle Dove...

A couple of days ago Dave Francis checked the tern rafts at Pitsford Reservoir and the Common Tern nest count has now increased to 51 which is a very good effort. Last year was very productive after a couple of very lean years so we are hoping for more breeding success in 2017.


Neil M

Beautiful Hooktip moth.

Figure of Eighty moth

Privet Hawk-moth.
All moth images courtesy of Jacob,
the subjects coming to his moth trap
at Scaldwell.

Yes it really is a Blue Tit, well what's left of it!
Adult female Blue Tits have a very hard time
during the breeding season with an astonishing
work rate...

The beginning of the day...

Female Great Spotted Woodpecker
and her fledged young...

Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Above five images all courtesy of
Cathy Ryden.

Chequered Skipper butterfly
courtesy of Martin Randall.

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