Friday, 2 June 2017

Humid offerings...


Yesterday (Thursday) saw Ken Spriggs and Andy Cook take a walk around the Titchmarsh reserve at Thrapston where they saw five or six Cuckoos including a rufous phase bird (seemingly these 'hepatic' birds are always females).

Bird ringing operations at Harrington Airfield today (Friday) resulted in 85 birds of 16 species being caught and processed in quite humid conditions. Perhaps the most surprising were single adults of Jay and Mistle Thrush, neither species seen regularly on the complex during the breeding season. Other birds included 2 Blackbirds, a Song Thrush, a Starling, 20 Yellowhammers, 2 Bullfinches, 5 Chaffinches, a Blue Tit, 6 Great Tits, 7 Whitethroats, 2 Lesser Whitethroats, a Garden Warbler, 16 Willow Warblers, 2 Wrens, 5 Dunnocks and 12 Robins.

Other birds noted on-site included 2 Turtle Doves, a couple of Grey Partridges, a Nuthatch and a Hobby and butterflies included Common Blue, Small Heath and Large Skipper.

A singing Grasshopper Warbler remains in a weedy field between Lamport and Blueberry Farm.

Another ringing recovery received today relates to a young male Siskin first caught by Kenny Cramer at Linford Lakes on 22nd November 2015 and then caught again by the Grampian Ringing Group at Bogietang, Wardend, Durris in Aberdeenshire on 29th April this year. It is presumed this was a returning Scottish breeder or still on it's way and bound for a Scandanavian forest or even beyond...


Neil M

Cock Linnet.

Male Bullfinch.

Red-legged Partridge.

Colourful birds of the
Northamptonshire countryside
by Robin Gossage.

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