Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Breeding at apace!


A walk at Harrington Airfield this evening in cooler, breezier conditions was altogether more comfortable than the stifling heat of the last few days. Two Turtle Doves remain and three Grey Partridges showed too and a calling Cuckoo must have been a passing bird, but much of it was pretty much no change on the bird front. Earlier today Eleanor visited Brixworth Country Park and witnessed a good hatch of about ten freshly-emerged Marbled White butterflies; traditionally this species was very localised in the county but is now producing small, new colonies every year.


Neil M

Hornet Clearwing moth
at Wicksteed Park, Kettering
courtesy of Sarah Gibbs.

A Robin nest in Chris
Payne's garden (using a
wooden open-fronted nest
box). The natural transition within
six days from four eggs to nestlings
 with feather sheaths is one of
those remarkable things of nature!

Images courtesy of Chris Payne.

The enigmatic little Wren!
Noisy second broods of tiny
chestnut fledgling Wrens are out
 and about now, these birds always
seem to do much better than the first

Images courtesy of Robin Gossage.

First year male Blackbird. Already some
Blackbirds will be attempting their third broods,
but most will still be contending with the needs
of the second broods!

Image courtesy of Cathy Ryden.

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