Tuesday, 16 May 2017

More ringing recoveries...


Another batch of ringing recoveries with birds initially caught by Northants Ringing Group ringers and then being recorded a good distance away.

The first three are all Siskins as follows:-

1. A male was caught by Chris Payne at Greens Norton on 4th March this year and was caught again by a ringer operating in Drummond, Inverneshire 50 days later on 22nd April. This bird had travelled 626km to get there, travelling in a NNW direction;

2. A male caught by John Woollett at Astcote on 29th Feb 2016 was caught again on 30th April this year, this bird turning up at Millhouse Bridge in Dumfries and Galloway. The distance between the two sites is 368km and this bird's latter location was also NNW of the original ringing area;

3. Another male caught by John at Astcote also on 29th Feb 2016 found a mist net at Cnoc in Argyll and Bute on 1st May this year. Again this bird had veered NNW and in 426 days (14 months) had travelled many hundreds of kilometres albeit that the minimum distance between the two sites is 508km.

These feisty little finches may be small but they certainly know how to travel!

Finally, Kenny Cramer caught a haul of Blackbirds and other thrushes at Milton Keynes Community Orchard on 29th January this year, and one of these (a first year female) was found predated near Leningrad, Russia some 77 days later on 16th April - 2073 km away! Some of our wintering thrushes clearly come quite a distance to avoid the severe winters further north and east but this is undoubtedly one of our longest distance migrants recorded to date (not surprisingly ending up ENE of the original ringing site).


Neil M

Cetti's Warbler.

Common Terns.

Dingy Skipper butterfly.


All images courtesy of John
Gamble following an excursion
to Dorset!

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