Sunday, 23 April 2017

Restful Sunday

Today was a much quieter as I had very little "birding" time, most of it being confined to an early morning visit to Harrington Airfield. I actually went there to feed the birds but ended up wandering about for two hours. We were planning on reducing the amount of times we are feeding the birds but with the cold weather forecast for the coming week we will continue. 
The most surprising bird on my walk round was a singing and very showy Grasshopper Warbler in the roadside bushes. This bird was clambering about on the top of a bramble bush but I had left my camera at home !! In the past I have found that these warblers show themselves very well when they first arrive.
Other birds seen were 2 Northern Wheatear, 2 or 3 pairs of Grey Partridge, 4 dapper summer plumaged Golden Plover a Lesser Whitethroat, several Willow Warbler and plenty of Whitethroat. 
This evening I managed a walk with the dogs below Hanging Houghton where the Barn Owl was again hunting and a Sedge Warbler singing from its perch on top of a field hedge.

Regards Eleanor
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