Saturday, 15 April 2017

Odds and Ends

The last couple of days have been fairly quiet on the birding front. The only birds of note yesterday were 2 Wheatears at Blueberry Farm and a Raven near Walgrave.
Today was the more productive of the two days.  At 07.30hrs I was watching an adult Otter fishing at Ravensthorpe Reservoir. 
Next venue was Daventry Country Park where a walk around the reservoir was disappointingly quiet with nil birds of note. The only excitement was the presence of a large group of runners and Tor baying loudly as he wanted to run with them !!
I then went to Borough Hill and parked with great difficulty as every available space was taken, it seemed as if the whole world was there, and it did feel as if I was walking down Oxford Street at times.  But despite this I managed 2 Wheatears and 2 Common Redstarts.
At Staverton the pair of resident Ravens were very vocal and put on some spectacular acrobatic displays as Tor was clowning around on the agility course. I don't know who caused us to laugh the most the Ravens or Tor !!

Regards Eleanor

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