Thursday, 2 February 2017

Sywell Waxwings


Robin Gossage has updated the Northants Bird Club blog with regard to the context of  the members' photographic competition last night and the images will follow on that blog in due course...

Eleanor located a flock of 14 Waxwings at Sywell this afternoon, no doubt Jim Dunkley's birds from the day before. They were attracted to four Rowan trees alongside the main road that runs past the entrance to the airport, in particular two trees opposite the junction to Townsend Farm and Premium Wharehousing. I arrived at about 3pm in appalling light and the flock had increased to 15. They were trying to feed on the Rowan berries which were being defended by aggressive Mistle Thrushes and as such they only had time to quickly gobble a couple of berries before being chased off.

Please be aware this is a busy road and with HGVs coming in and out of commercial premises nearby.


Neil M

Waxwings at Sywell.

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