Thursday, 23 February 2017

Storm Doris


Well it was indeed quite a storm, at least in the NN6 district, with power cuts, trees uprooted, walls crashing down and debris everywhere! I thought it was supposed to have stopped by now but it's still raging outside!

A quick look around East Hunsbury (Northampton) at lunch-time succeeded in finding just two stalwart Waxwings stoically feeding on completely wind-blown cotoneaster bushes in Penvale Road just up from the school. They weren't moving for anyone, it was such a shame that the light was dire and that they were partially hidden in the vegetation.

The gull roost at Pitsford Reservoir failed to deliver much of interest this afternoon but the Red-necked Grebe had moved from the causeway and was fishing the still waters in front of the Sailing Club, and a Kingfisher was there too.

Initial ringing details have come through of one of Chris Payne's control Goldfinches. A young male he caught at Greens Norton on 29th January 2017 bearing the ring Z078021 had first been ringed as a juvenile at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire on 9th October 2016. This is a distance of 253km over a period of 112 days.


Neil M

Waxwings at East Hunsbury today...

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