Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Garden Birds


Cathy Ryden enjoyed a Brambling, a Bullfinch and Reed Bunting in her Guilsborough garden this morning and Jacob Spinks noted about forty Golden Plovers in fields between Holcot and Moulton this afternoon.

No birding opportunities for Eleanor or me today but our rather morose Little Owl continues to call from a neighbouring garden and the field behind our garden. This chap didn't find a mate last year and from the calls it is emitting currently it seems he hasn't managed to find a partner for the 2017 season thus far. Mind you it could be this evening's heavy rain that is making him a touch glum! 

Less than ten years ago we enjoyed three pairs of Little Owls breeding around the village but they have sadly thinned out and I don't think any young were raised last year.


Neil M

Little Owl



Male House Sparrow.

Male Bullfinch.


Images courtesy of
Cathy Ryden.

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