Friday, 13 January 2017

Winter weather at last...


The snow swept in to Northamptonshire this morning providing a very wintery scene, albeit that by nightfall most of it had disappeared.

Jacob Spinks noted two Bramblings in Scaldwell village this morning and I spent part of the day visiting feeding stations. At Brixworth Water Treatment Works the filter beds were alive with Pied Wagtails - I estimated between eighty and ninety birds together with at least one Grey Wagtail.

Eleanor encountered a flock of at least 16 Waxwings in Kettering this afternoon, these birds feeding on berries in trees next to Tanners Lane car park which itself is next to Sainsbury's and Pets at Home. It is presumed that these are some of the School Lane birds that have just moved a short distance to find a fresh supply of food.


Neil M

The big, beautiful and sometimes bold
Fieldfare cannot resist apples once the berries
and worms are in short supply.

These images were taken by Cathy Ryden today.

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