Monday, 16 January 2017

Rare passerine anyone?


I forgot to mention yesterday that Phil Horsnail espied a hunting 'ringtail' Hen Harrier in the east of the county at Polebrook Airfield at about 12 noon and on Saturday Amanda Fraser watched a male Blackcap feeding on cotoneaster berries in her Kingsthorpe (Northampton) garden.

Although winter in the county has always been interesting, it seems almost that this is the best season for finding scarce and rare birds in the county. Although still exciting, the classic migration periods of spring and autumn often frustrate the inland birder with the coasts experiencing heavy migration and plenty of rare birds but with only a negligible influence in the middle of the country.

With warmer temperatures, middle England enjoys more varied passerines wintering than ever before and I would predict that some of our rarer small birds will actually be found during the short days of winter. Thrushes of course seem to be the current family to watch for, but it is worth checking through any finch or bunting flocks and looking for wintering warblers too! The very best of luck in your valiant searches!


Neil M

Bathing Blackcaps
courtesy of Robin Gossage.

And if anyone out there can
find a Dusky Thrush or similar
we would love to know!

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