Sunday, 8 January 2017

Love is in the Air!


Another BOS Short Day Count was completed today, this time in SP54 in the south west of the county. Edgcote and Trafford Bridge/Marsh was the initial venue and in fact we spent about half the day in this general area finding about sixty species of birds. The scarcer species included a Little Egret, a Water Rail, a Common Snipe, two Kingfishers, three Grey Wagtails, an adult male Peregrine, Tree Sparrows, Siskins and a single Willow Tit.

Visiting sites further south in the 10km square provided views of a female Merlin not far from Chacombe, a couple of Ravens and some more Siskins at Thenford.

The mild conditions of the last few days has stimulated further breeding interest in both our birds and mammals. Eric Graham watched six Great Spotted Woodpeckers chasing each other around at Titchmarsh Reserve yesterday and we saw much the same thing at Edgcote today. And at least one of Robin's images below, errrm, also indicate similar interests in our British mammals...!


Neil M

A pair of Red Fox
Pitsford Reservoir

A pair of Muntjac at
Pitsford Reservoir!

And of course the intimate photographer
could only ever be our own Robin Gossage!

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