Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Foggy Tuesday


The forecast for foggy conditions proved accurate today, albeit that the temperatures rose as the day progressed.

A small team of us visited Harrington Airfield and attempted to catch and ring some of the migrant thrushes utilising the plentiful hawthorn bushes. The conditions ensured that the bushes and nets attracted the swirling moisture to the point that most things became rather wet.

However we managed to catch and process 82 birds, all but three of the birds were thrushes made up of 30 Blackbirds (24 new and 6 re-traps), 4 Song Thrushes which included a re-trap and a very grey continental bird, 7 Fieldfares and 38 Redwings.

We also saw 120+ Golden Plovers, 1-2 Woodcock and heard a Brambling.

Eleanor located three Woodcock at Blueberry Farm and a pair of Stonechat near Hanging Houghton.


Neil M

Dripping hawthorn berries.

The stunning Redwing, again
making up a large proportion
of today's ringing catch.

All images courtesy of
Cathy Ryden.

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