Tuesday, 8 November 2016



At 7.20am this morning whilst I was out in the garden feeding the birds, I heard the unmistakable high pitched musical trill of a Waxwing. Thinking it must be flying over I peered upwards but the single bird was perched on the top of a tree. By the time I had whizzed back into the house to find some optics and emerged again it had gone.

A little later and Eleanor heard Waxwings again and witnessed a flock of six flying steadily south over Blueberry Farm. A Short-eared Owl was flying around the southern-most field of the complex and at least eight Bramblings were in trees in the Brampton Valley below Hanging Houghton with other singles and twos also heading south. At about 9am another two Waxwings were seen flying south over the Brampton Valley, again the distinctive calls giving away their presence. Four Stonechats remain in the immediate area.

At about 11am several Waxwings were heard calling in the village of Brixworth in the vicinity of Tantree Way and sounded settled but nothing was seen.

Pitsford Reservoir provided the rest of the avian interest with birds north of the causeway including three Scaup, three Great White Egrets, eight Red-crested Pochard, four Goosanders and several Goldeneye and Pintail plus a Redshank and two Green Sandpipers.


Neil M

A Waxwing from a previous year...
Better cut up some more apples!

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