Thursday, 10 November 2016

Bradden ringing


Harrington Airfield was the venue this morning for at least two hundred Golden Plovers and two Bramblings were on the seed at the start of the concrete track.

Chris Payne and John Boland committed to some ringing at Bradden today catching seventy-four birds made up of five Chaffinches, thirty-five Blue Tits, twenty-one Great Tits, two Robins, two Goldfinches, seven Goldcrests, a Nuthatch and a Blackbird.


Neil M

Stonechats at Blueberry
Farm courtesy of Dave Jackson.
Sadly the habitat is changing at
Blueberry Farm day by day now
and much of the seta-side, shrubs
and wild hedges have already been
severely cut back or destroyed
in preparation to convert the complex
back to mainline agriculture. It is
likely that at least some of the
Stonechats will have to find a new
wintering site...

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