Thursday, 24 November 2016

Birds of Thursday...


Cathy Ryden visited Hollowell Reservoir on a couple of occasions today and notched up a Great White Egret, a Barnacle Goose and a pair of Goosander.

This morning Eleanor located a Short-eared Owl and two pairs of Stonechat in the Brampton Valley below Hanging Houghton, between the Brampton Valley Way and the Gamboro' Plantation.

An afternoon visit to Harrington Airfield didn't turn up the Hen Harrier but a Peregrine was there eating prey (probably a Golden Plover). Just over a hundred Golden Plover were present but not surprisingly were very nervous...

Ringing operations are planned for Harrington Airfield this coming week-end and therefore access to the old airstrip and bunkers will be affected. The concrete track and public footpaths remain unaffected. Anyone wishing to help or watch the session are invited to make contact beforehand.


Neil M

No not a double-headed goose,
but a Barnacle Goose standing in
front of a Canada Goose!

Courtesy of Cathy Ryden,

Goosander at Hollowell Res
courtesy of Cathy Ryden.

Portrait of a drake
Pintail by Robin Gossage.

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