Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Wild West show continues...


Highlights of an eight day wildlife tour on the fabulous Ardnamurchan Peninsular include close views of White-tailed Eagle, watching a dog Otter feeding at close range, the athletic antics of a couple of Pine Martens coming every night to eat a variety of specially prepared food and of course the stunning landscape. Bottle-nosed Dolphins, Harbour Porpoise, Common Seals and close views of three types of deer have provided close encounters and it has been fun trying to elicit views of the impossible-to-see Scottish Wildcat!

I'm fortunate to be able to lead another Naturetrek tour starting tomorrow, where we will again endeavour to find the exciting wildlife associated with the 'Wild West of Scotland'!


Neil M

Glenborrodale Castle

Wild Goat

Common Seal


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