Sunday, 31 July 2016

Round Up

It has been a busy week and my birding has been rather restricted.
Whilst at agility near Staverton the resident family of Raven's were very vocal and tumbling about which was quite funny to watch......almost as funny as Tor, my dog, clowning about as he went over the jumps !!

The big grassy field at Blueberry has had a severe haircut and there is now only a small area of long grass/bushes.  Despite this at least two singing Grasshopper Warblers remain . It was whilst scanning this area I found a family of Stonechat, 2 adult with 3 youngsters and I'm pretty sure that they could not have flown very far as too young. I think that they could have bred there. Yesterday I could only find 2 youngsters with the adults. Before the field was cut I had been watching a healthy colony of Marbled White Butterflies, but I cannot find these now.

There have been a couple of Barn Owls hunting the area and also below Hanging Houghton.

This afternoon I was walking the fields between Walgrave village and the back of the Walgrave Bay. A couple of the fields have been recently harvested and these were attracting plenty of gulls, Red Kites, Common Buzzard and a "cream crown" Marsh Harrier.

I visited Harrington Airfield this evening and nearly got bowled over by a tractor. I literally had to jump into the bushes dragging the dogs with me !!!  They were busy harvesting and several tractors were taking the grain away, but one particular tractor was going too fast along the track.  So this rather spoilt my walk. I got off the track as soon as I could and was rewarded by a Redstart, Turtle Dove and at least 10 young Grey Partridge.

A few birds over the house this week including 2 Crossbills, Grey Wagtail, Ravens and Common Terns. There was a Humming Bird Hawk Moth in the village during the week.

It is nearly time for the next Birdclub Meeting.  On Wednesday 3rd August we have one of our birdclub members Jeff Blincow giving a talk about his trip to Chile.  It promises to be an excellent and entertaining evening. Everyone is very welcome - 7.30pm at the Lodge, Pitsford Water.


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