Tuesday, 19 July 2016

French-ringed Sedge Warbler


Ian Wrisdale is the principal ringer at Stanwick Gravel Pits and manages a long term Constant Effort Site there. On three occasions this year (15th May, 4th June and 12th June) Ian has caught a French-ringed Sedge Warbler which is presumably breeding at Stanwick. The initial ringing details have come through now and this bird was first caught and ringed on 8th August 2015 when it was aged as a bird hatched in that year. The original ringing location was at Trunvel, Treogat, Finistere in France, some 562km from Stanwick GP.

David Arden was also at the Fermyn Wood complex yesterday and managed some fine images of some of the bigger butterflies on show...


Neil M

From eggs to nestlings,
the journey of a Swallow nest
courtesy of Chris Payne.

Purple Emperor and
White Admiral butterflies
Fermyn Wood complex by
David Arden.

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