Friday, 10 June 2016

Wildlife of the set aside


Eleanor was out and about today and one of her first jaunts was to Harlestone Heath and the adjoining set aside land between there and Kings Heath estate on the edge of Northampton. Nothing in the wood of special note but a Quail was calling loudly and well in the set aside, well that was until the heavy deluge of rain at about 11am!

Eleanor ventured out to Harrington Airfield this afternoon and again watched a 'purring' Turtle Dove in the dead tree half way along the concrete track. The mixture of wild flowers along the old airstrip look a real picture at the moment.

A final plod around the Blueberry Farm complex only succeeded in locating two 'reeling' Grasshopper Warblers in the The Hill set aside field.


Neil M


Common Spotted Orchid.

Lotus corniculatus, known as
Common Bird's Foot Trefoil
and 'Eggs and Bacon' vetch.

Bee Orchid.

Turtle Dove.

All images taken at Harrington
Airfield today by Eleanor McMahon.

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