Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Update on Fineshade Wood

From Friends of Fineshade website...

Just a quick email to let you know that on Friday afternoon our MP Tom Pursglove will be visiting Fineshade to talk to residents, to have a walk in the wood and then to meet other Friends of Fineshade and visitors. If you live locally and are able to be here at 3.30pm it would be very helpful indeed. The meeting place will be in front of the Top Lodge Visitor Centre, just outside the courtyard, looking out over the fields.

Tom objected to the previous Forest Holidays application and is on record as saying "Should the application be re-submitted, and local concern persists, I will of course be objecting again in the strongest possible terms – Fineshade Wood is a beautiful spot and it must be preserved." Please help us make it clear that local concern does persist!

In fact we will be asking Tom to help us persuade the Forestry Commission that they should remove the continuing threat to Fineshade's biodiversity and tranquillity once and for all.  The uncertainty and threat has gone on long enough and we want the FC to begin celebrating the wildlife richness and tranquillity of the woodland that they are supposed to be managing for us. They should be proud of the dormice, adders, bats, birds, butterflies and plants that are here.

Even if you can't manage to be here on Friday afternoon please try to join in on Facebook and Twitter during the evening. Once again the message is "FC should remove the threat to Fineshade once and for all".

Thanks once again for supporting Fineshade Wood.

Friends of Fineshade.


Silver-washed Fritillary.

Both species are seen regularly
at Fineshade Wood.

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