Sunday, 15 May 2016

Pitsford ringing


Pitsford Reservoir was the venue for ringing in both the Scaldwell and Walgrave bays today, with about a hundred birds captured. Newly arrived Garden Warblers were the most common bird caught with thirteen being ringed. Other warblers included a Lesser Whitethroat, four Blackcaps, two Reed Warblers and four Chiffchaffs. 

Other birds of interest included a Grey Heron which blundered in to a mist net and when extracted proved to be a bird which had done exactly the same thing in 2014! Watching the Grey Herons in the shallows during the last two days, some of them are concentrating on capturing the young of water-birds and are successfully catching young Moorhens, Coots and Mallard ducklings. Normally this is by espying a family, taking flight and simply plucking an unsuspecting youngster out of the water often with the parents in close attendance.

Other birds caught during ringing operations today included eight Blackbirds, three Great Spotted Woodpeckers, two Goldcrests, two Reed Buntings, four Bullfinches and a Willow Tit.


Neil M

Muslin Moth.

Courtesy of Jacob Spinks.

Grey Heron.

Courtesy of Jacob Spinks.

Lesser Whitethroat.

Garden Warbler.


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