Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Creatures of the bright and breezy!


Bright sunshine and pleasant conditions at Harrington Airfield wasn't enough to cause the Quail to call or Turtle Doves to show this morning so I'm afraid the best of the birds was a single Grey Partridge which soon melted away in to the fast-growing grasses and ground cover. Some Fox cubs playing in the early morning sunshine would have been a lovely photo without the vegetative barrier and curious collie to ruin proceedings!

The injured Ruddy Shelduck was loafing in the grounds of the Sailing Club at Pitsford Reservoir this late morning...


Neil M

Grey Partridge
Harrington Airfield

Poplar Hawk-moth

Puss Moth

Sanderling at Pitsford
Reservoir on Sunday

Above four images courtesy
of Jacob Spinks.

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