Thursday, 21 April 2016

Migration continues

An early morning visit to Harrington Airfield was quite productive.  On a  slow meander around the bunkers I saw 2 Ring Ouzels chasing each other around, in fact I heard them long before I saw them, their distinctive harsh "chack chack" call resonating through the air. A third bird, a male, was again present in the vicinity of the shooting wall. Quite an amazing sight and sound.
I saw at least 4 Wheatears, a male Redstart and 2 pairs of Grey Partridge. 
A large number of Whitethroats had arrived overnight as every bush seemed to have one !!
At Blueberry the Grasshopper Warbler was still showing well and a Hobby flew over.
My first Cuckoo of the year was at Brixworth Country Park.

Regards  Eleanor
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