Thursday, 17 March 2016

Siskins and friends...


Chris Payne committed to a short but productive ringing session at Bradden this morning, quickly catching over thirty birds. Tits were noticeable by their absence, presumably because spring is in the air and they are busy bonding and finding suitable territories. Chris caught 10 Goldfinches, 6 Greenfinches, a few Chaffinches and two Siskins, this is typically a good time of the year for ringing finches. In the meantime John Woollett has been busy in his garden at Astcote, the influx in finches there including 122 Siskins caught and ringed in just this month alone!

In the garden here today at Hanging Houghton, Eleanor noticed a Tree Sparrow, four Yellowhammers and about 12 Reed Buntings amongst the more usual garden birds.

Blueberry Farm today again hosted two Short-eared Owls, 2-3 Barn Owls, a Woodcock and a pair of Stonechat with an Oystercatcher on a farm pond nearby. This evening two or three pairs of Grey Partridge were vocally holding territory at Harrington Airfield.

Anyone with any local naturalist knowledge of Stoke Bruerne village and surround is invited to contact Christine Statham - Tel 01604 863920. This follows an application to the South Northants Council to fell a 100' pine tree in the grounds of Bruerne House, Bridge House, Stoke Bruerne. Apparently this tree forms part of an active Rookery and there are concerns locally that the tree supports as many as 40 pairs of Rooks which would be lost if the tree was felled. If you feel you can provide a perspective please make contact with Christine.


Neil M

Male Siskin

Courtesy of Chris Payne.

'Redhead' Goosander
at Stanford Reservoir
from a couple of days ago.

Courtesy of Malcolm Hupman

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