Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Rain, bats and Siskins!


John Woollett was completing a little ringing in his garden at Astcote today and caught and ringed 13 Siskins. John has been ringing in his garden for many years but this number is unprecedented and out of character for such a location.

Neil Hasdell was at Summer Leys Nature Reserve at Earls Barton sheltering from the rain in the hides this morning and saw a Great White Egret, the female Scaup, three Oystercatchers, two Shelduck, the female Stonechat and several Siskins.


Neil M

Drake Smew

Long-billed Dowitcher.

The above three images were taken
and kindly forwarded by John Gamble on
 an excursion to Rutland Water yesterday...
The dowitcher is presumably the same individual
that has been at Wanlip in Leicestershire up
until recently. Providing the habitat is
suitable, there has to be a good chance this bird
will remain for the remainder of the winter/early

Images of a pipistrelle bat in daylight. These
images were taken and kindly forwarded by Jim
Dunkley, the venue being his house! Jim reports
that although active, the bat could be seen avoiding
the direct sunlight, facing away whenever it could.

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