Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Nene Valley Surveys


Ted Weber from the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire

and Northamptonshire has put out a call for volunteers to help with 
annual surveys of the breeding birds across the whole of our Nene 
Wetlands reserves in Northamptonshire; as you’ll appreciate, it’s a 
big area so help is required from experienced birdwatchers and 
ornithologists. Recorders must be able to identify a wide range 
of birds by sight and by their songs and calls, as some parts of 
the survey are in thickly grown areas. Ideally, volunteers would 
be able to commit to completing all the survey dates, but even 
doing one or two would be a help.

The dates concerned are:

Visit 1: 12 April - 20 April (optimum date 12/13 April)
Visit 2: 10 May - 25 May (optimum date 10/11 May)
Visit 3: 7 June -22 June (optimum date 14/15 June)
Visit 4: 5 July - 20 July (optimum date 12/13 July) 
(The purpose of the July visit is primarily to look for broods 
of water birds).

Should you think you may be able to assist in surveys in 

the Nene Valley corridor, please email Ted on


Neil M

Cetti's Warbler

Little Grebes

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