Thursday, 31 March 2016

Being fat is good!


Following on from John Hunt's original report of the Egyptian Geese with goslings at Oundle last week, John confirmed that all eight goslings were doing well yesterday!

A quiet ringing session in Helen Franklin's garden today just outside the county at Priors Marston was enlivened when a Siskin was caught and ringed and then shortly afterwards a male Sparrowhawk hit the net and was also duly caught and ringed!

John Woollett's garden at Astcote continues to attract good numbers of Siskins. Some of the birds have been feasting on his sunflower hearts for some time now as they endeavor to pile on fat layers in readiness for their journey to Northern Europe. One bird has been caught three times and it's weight was initially 12.3g, then 14.4g and finally 16.3g. Four grammes is a considerable weight gain for such a small bird. John has also caught two visiting Bramblings, one of which weighed over 30g!

John saw a Wheatear near the hamlet of Foxley in South Northants yesterday; they seem very thin on the ground so far this spring.

Eleanor again noted about a hundred Golden Plovers in a field next to Blueberry Farm this afternoon and there seemed to be plenty of singing Chiffchaffs in sunny Northamptonshire today.


Neil M

Egyptian Goose
family Oundle Marina

Courtesy of John Hunt.

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