Friday, 26 February 2016

Yellow Buntings!


Another ringing session at Orton today provided forty captures, using a stubble field as our catching area. We caught another 24 stunning Yellowhammers, 9 Reed Buntings and a few common finches. The field was holding up to 120 Yellowhammers at a time but it seemed that birds were continually coming and going so it is likely that the true number utilising the field is much higher. A Barn Owl was present first thing and fly-overs included a Siskin...


Neil M

The vivid yellow of
a male Yellowhammer

Singing Robin.

Although Robins have been singing
for much of the winter, now is the time to see them
at their best. Not only are they maintaining territories
but pairs are becoming established and existing bonds
reinforced and of course the lack of leaves and other
foliage ensure we can see them in their full glory.

Common Buzzard.

The cool breeze and sunny conditions
of the past week has provided ideal conditions for local
Common Buzzards to confirm territories. Aerial disputes
often occur at high altitude but this bird was more intent on
finding something to eat I think!

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