Thursday, 4 February 2016

Graham's montage


Well today was pretty bright and very mild for the most part and this weather at this time of the year rarely produces much in the way of new birds locally.

Hanging Houghton hosted a Raven, and a couple of Bramblings in the garden first thing. I had a quick walk at Harrington Airfield but saw nothing any different and Eleanor jogged around Harlestone Heath with much the same result apart from a handful of Siskins.

I spent a short time checking the hedgerow that borders Brixworth Sewer Treatment Works this afternoon and located the same Firecrest which had been first seen and ringed there last month.

There were four Ravens on the southern outskirts of Brixworth village and the dam area at Pitsford Reservoir attracted a Green Sandpiper and a Grey Wagtail. Finally a Barn Owl was hunting in the Brampton Valley below Hanging Houghton this evening.

Over the last couple of days Cathy Ryden has been watching five Goosanders which are spending periods of time fishing at Guilsborough Fishponds, this being close to Hollowell Reservoir.

The following pictures sums up an alternative photographic record of some time spent at Pitsford and Ravensthorpe Reservoirs and Stortons GP by Graham Bentley, with a propensity of focusing on beaks and feet!


Neil M

Foot and head of a
Greylag Goose
from feral origins...

Foot and heads of
Black-headed Gulls

Adult Grey Heron

The lovely Otters!

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