Monday, 1 February 2016

'Brown water' Pitsford Reservoir


Much of the day saw Neil Hasdell and myself checking and clearing out about twenty large tree-mounted nest-boxes on the reserve at Pitsford Reservoir. These boxes have been erected to provide nesting opportunities for the local owl population, particularly Tawny Owls. Other birds such as Jackdaw and Stock Dove often breed in them too and in recent years Hornets have taken a liking too!

However today it was mostly Grey Squirrels and their dreys that we encountered, and they were all evicted in an effort to give the owls a fighting chance. One box housed five adult squirrels and another four (plus their fleas), these dens providing far more comfort than the traditional mass of sticks and leaves.

The water level at Pitsford is currently high and the water on the reserve section is very brown from the field run-off and sediment-loaded input from the brooks. Plenty of Muntjac were on show around many of the plantations and lots of evidence of Badger activity too, although we did find a new sett that was completely flooded.

The birds were fairly unremarkable but a Green Sandpiper was again present on the flood-water below the dam this afternoon.

Chris Payne spent some time watching the Little Egret gathering on the outskirts of Greens Norton today and counted a remarkable 14 birds...


Neil M

Mr Hasdell, his trusty (and muddy)
steed and some of the nest-box
inspection equipment!

'Brown water' Pitsford Reservoir

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