Saturday, 16 January 2016

Cold Birding!


Eleanor made a couple of visits to Ravensthorpe Reservoir today and managed to see 2-4 Otters which were generally visible from the causeway. However the animals are mostly absent when there are several people present and talking - these animals clearly respond adversely to human voices so it is critical that prospective watchers remain quiet. Birds of interest included the Great White Egret, a Raven and two Grey Wagtails.

A Barn Owl was out hunting at Blueberry Farm, Maidwell first thing this morning.

A couple of short periods today with the mist net open in the garden succeeded in catching some birds including the hybrid finch from yesterday. Features in the hand and the subsequent call notes suggest it is a Goldfinch x Canary hybrid. Interestingly it showed no features sometimes associated with being of captive origin - the plumage was in good condition, there was little abrasion and the feet and claws were in good condition and no hint that it had ever been 'close-ringed'.

An adult male Lesser Redpoll caught this afternoon was first ringed in the garden in April 2013 and there is no record of this bird being processed or recorded since. If only he could tell us where he has been in the meantime!

A re-trap Blue Tit was first caught in the garden and aged as a juvenile on 31st August 2011. Four and a half years is pretty old for a Blue Tit - it's a hard life when you are that small!

Eric Graham was at Thrapston GP today and birds in and around the Titchmarsh Reserve included a Great White Egret, four Little Egrets and three Goosanders. Lesser Redpolls are visiting the feeders there and a smart male was showing well today.


Neil M

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