Saturday, 12 December 2015

Rainy Saturday


Eleanor's early morning foray in to the Brampton Valley below Hanging Houghton and around the Blueberry Farm complex produced some birds this morning with a hunting Barn Owl in the northern-most field of Blueberry, two vocal Short-eared Owls on The Hill and three adult Bewick's Swans flying over towards Hollowell Reservoir at about 8am (I wonder if they are the birds from Grafham Water on their way to Slimbridge?).

The below images were taken by Clive Beasley depicting bird-life around the Sailing Club grounds at Pitsford Reservoir yesterday...


Neil M

All images courtesy
of Clive Beasley.

Several images of the lone
Ruddy Shelduck. The Mute Swan
family is the only multiple brood
family on the reservoir this year. Two
other pairs have a single cygnet each
but all the other pairs failed to produce
offspring. The pair with three cygnets
nested in the grounds of the Sailing Club
suggesting that this comparatively protected
environment made all the difference.

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