Sunday, 29 November 2015

Wet and wild!


More wild bird feeding station maintenance today with Marsh Tits greeting me with their distinctive calls at two sites on the Kelmarsh Estate. Well it might have been a greeting but perhaps they were just being impatient whilst I was filling up the feeders and were swearing at me! In any event they are always one of the first birds to the feeders and I find their mixture of calls particularly cheery. Plenty of other birds coming to the feeders too despite the mild and wild weather conditions.

Kelmarsh Hall hosted a Kingfisher, a Grey Wagtail and about 25 Siskins around the niger feeders.

Eleanor was over at Staverton again today and the two Ravens remained.

This afternoon was very blustery up at Harrington Airfield but it didn't stop swirling flocks of Starlings, Redwings and Fieldfares feeding off the berry bushes and wet fields. Not surprisingly a female Sparrowhawk was in close attendance.

I finished the day checking through the gulls by the Sailing Club at Pitsford Reservoir but the only bird of note was an adult Caspian Gull that appeared to be the same bird as yesterday afternoon...


Neil M

Recent images of a Short-eared Owl
at Blueberry Farm, Maidwell courtesy
of Simon Wantling.

More of Simon's work can be found
at http//

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