Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Bits and pieces


Yesterday John Gamble saw a flock of ten Goosanders on Abington Park Lake, Northampton and managed an image of a fine drake (please see below).

Jim Dunkley has been experimenting with garden feeders in an endeavour to try and outwit the acrobatic and persistent Grey Squirrel. Errrr I think the pictures indicate it might be back to the drawing board Jim...!

Following Eleanor's previous photos of the Vulcan, Jim decided to go one better and went to see the largest plane in the world - the Antonov AN225. Back to birds and Jim welcomed back a Green Woodpecker to his garden today...

And to finish, a pair of Red Foxes as portrayed by Robin Gossage enjoying the winter sun...


Neil M

Drake Goosander
Courtesy of John Gamble

Grey Squirrel lunch-time
Courtesy of Jim Dunkley

Antonov AN225
Courtesy of Jim Dunkley

Green Woodpecker
Courtesy of Jim Dunkley

Red Foxes
Courtesy of Robin Gossage

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