Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Scillies update - Tuesday


Birds here on the Scillies haven't changed much during the last couple of days, despite a change in the weather and wind direction. Still this provides us with an opportunity of studying some of these stayers and residents with some photographic opportunities too...


Neil M

Collared Dove in Wych Elm

Goldcrest... also in Wych Elm

Gannet off the Daymark
St Martin's

Red-throated Pipit. A record
 shot of probably our best find of
the trip to date...

Lapland Buntings
St Mary's airfield

Lower Moors, St Mary's

Common Snipe
Porthellick, St Mary's
'If I tip-toe just over this bit
of mud I'm sure no-one will see me!'

Male Firecrest
 caught and ringed
St Mary's

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