Sunday, 25 October 2015

Birding to the north...


Yesterday (Saturday) and Eleanor noted a Little Egret and two Green Sandpipers at Ravensthorpe Reservoir and the usual group of six Ravens which are regularly at Staverton near Daventry.

Today (Sunday) and some birding in the north of the county was called for, particularly in the under-watched Welland Valley. East Carlton Country Park and surround provided views of a single Brambling, small flocks of Siskins and redpoll sp and common woodland birds including Nuthatch and Marsh Tit. Various stops in the valley produced sightings of Little Egret, Kingfisher and a flock of about c200 Golden Plovers in fields between Harringworth and Wakerley. Good numbers of Red Kites and Common Buzzards adorned the fields and hedgerow trees.

A visit to nearby Eyebrook Reservoir provided views of the hoped-for adult American Golden Plover which has been present on and off for several days. Wildfowl included Pintail and Goldeneye and a couple of Dunlin were present too.

A couple of hikes around the Wakerley Wood and Harringworth Airfield complex produced just more winter finches and thrushes and of course Jays raiding the oaks for acorns. Blatherwycke Lake hosted three Black Swans, a couple of Chinese Geese, four Little Egrets, two Kingfishers, common wildfowl and plenty of finches and thrushes.

Our last venue was the Brampton Valley where we recorded five Stonechats between the Brampton Valley Way and the southern boundary of Blueberry Farm.


Neil M

Red Kite
Blatherwycke Lake

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