Saturday, 12 September 2015

Portugal Day 2


At 6am this morning our small band of ringers were opening nets alongside the marsh and reed-beds and scrubby area around Santo Andre Lagoon. Our early endeavours were rewarded with a small catch of waders and then a few more individuals as the morning progressed. These included migrant Dunlin, four Ringed Plovers, a Redshank, a couple of Common Sandpipers, and a Little Stint.

The variety of passerines on-site was evidenced with captures of seven species of warbler, Nightingale, a couple of Bluethroats, Common Waxbills plus a few Wrens and tits. A Wryneck is always a treat but a real surprise was a Purple Swamphen or Purple Gallinule if your prefer!

Birds flying around us included Hobby, Black-shouldered Kite, Great White Egret, Southern Grey Shrike and a good variety of common waders and ducks. A couple of examples of the down-slurred calls of Iberian Chiffchaff could be heard emanating from the bushes and a couple of 'Chiffchaffs' caught looked good for this 'difficult to be sure' species.

Interesting insects whizzed around us, frogs leapt from the ringing rides and the guttural grunts of the Greater Flamingos echoed around the lagoon...


Neil M


Purple Swamphen with an image of the absolutely
massive feet and claws that this large heavy species

Keeled Skimmer (I think)!

Head shots of Dunlin (above) and Little Stint (below)

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