Thursday, 20 August 2015

Pitsford Events


Little opportunity for birding today and nothing seen of particular note.

The Pitsford Wildlife Trust team will be holding a moth catching and identification event at the Fishing Lodge on the evening of 12th September 2015, which coincides with the National Moth Night. Mischa Furfaro and team will be hoping to attract a variety of species for perusal and logging. If you would like to attend or require more information please contact Mischa -

In addition to the usual monitoring of the different disciplines of wildlife on-site, efforts at tracking and identifying bats on aligned transects have been completed and further efforts are planned for 29th August and 12th September (the latter the same as the moth night). Six species were confirmed on the last coordinated effort using bat detectors, with a possible seventh awaiting confirmation. Eleven species of bat are known to occur on the reserve.

From this month onwards until and including March next year, waterbirds using the whole reservoir are counted once a month and the count details are forwarded to the Wetland Bird Survey scheme (WeBS), as well as retained and analysed by the wardens on-site. If you want to play a part in this count, please let me know.

One confirmed recent sighting and the find now of several Otter spraints confirms the presence of at least one animal currently using the reserve, possibly spending much of its time in the Walgrave Bay. Something to look out for whilst scanning those rafts of moulting ducks!


Neil M

Common Tern


Grey Heron


All images taken at Pitsford
Reservoir during the last few
days courtesy of Robin Gossage.

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