Thursday, 6 August 2015

Local bird ringing


Starting from tomorrow, it is anticipated that this week-end will be a busy one for local ringers. Tomorrow there will be a session at Harrington Airfield which restricts general access along the scrubby runway and areas around the missile bunkers. Sunday is likely to see some planned ringing at Pitsford Reservoir (Scaldwell Bay), again at Harrington Airfield and also at Stortons Gravel Pits. Presiding ringers are happy to welcome observers/helpers to these sessions which often provides a unique opportunity to see wild birds up close and personal.

A Barn Owl was espied this evening in the Brampton Valley below Lamport...


Neil M

Three-lined Soldier
Courtesy of Robin Gossage
Four barred General
Courtesy of Robin Gossage
Broad Centurion
Courtesy of Robin Gossage

Images of Scottish
Black-throated Divers.
Courtesy of John Gamble

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